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With Revanesse




With Revanesse


The Revanesse family of products is manufactured in Aurora, Ontario by Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc.

Prollenium focuses its attention on the research, production, marketing, and sales of novel biomaterials that can be used for tissue reconstruction.

Prollenium is highly committed to the research and development of safe and effective products.

Prollenium is proud to be the first and only dermal filler manufacturer in Canada.

The facility employs a fully automated process in a clean room environment with sterilization, packaging, quality control and R&D taking place in-house.

The facility is ISO 13485 registered as well as Health Canada and CE approved.

روانس پیور
ریوانس اولترا
ریوانس کیس
  • Revaness
  • Revanesse Ultra
  • Revanesse Kiss
  • Redexis
  • Revanesse Contour
Revanesse is a lower viscosity filler best used to fill in superficial imperfections in the dermis. The ultra smooth HA gel makes it easy to inject into the skin. Revanesse can be used for emerging/fine lines, perioral lines, crow’s feet/periorbital lines, tear troughs and glabellar lines.
Revanesse Ultra is a high viscosity, long-lasting gel used to treat deep and more pronounced lines. Ultra can be used to treat nasolabial folds, marionette lines, deep wrinkles and folds and enhance mid-face volumization.
Revanesse Kiss has been specifically engineered for lip augmentation and definition. The unique properties of the lips require a specially formulated filler to ensure ideal post-injection results. The result of this special design is a filler which is easy to inject and mold with fewer incidences of swelling.
The HA gel in ReDexis has a unique ingredient - dextranomer beads - which supports the body’s generation of new tissue. These fully absorbable dextranomer beads create a scaffolding effect for collagen growth. ReDexis provides natural augmentation, which lasts even after the HA has been broken down. It can be used to treat deep wrinkles and folds and facial lipoatrophy.
Revanesse Contour is a fully absorbable, ultra-high viscosity HA gel specially formulated for facial contouring and shaping. The gel is ideal for large volume treatments and can be used for mid-face volumization, chin and jaw augmentation and nose bridge correction.


اکسیردارو خاورمیانه واردکننده فیلر های هیالورونیک اسید Revanesse ساخت کانادا

  •   20EuR**2CC 14 میلی گرم هیالورونیک اسید مژوتراپی جوانسازی و آبرسانی صورت برای پوستهای خشک پشت دست آسیبهای پوستی ناشی از آفتاب بدون ماده افزودنی محل تزریق اپیدرم-درم سطحی
  • 20EuR** 2CC 25 میلی گرم هیالورونیک اسید اصلاح چروکهای ریز دهان، اصلاح چروکهای ریز کنار چشم، اصلاح چروکهای ریز ناحیه پیشانی و...... بدون ماده افزودنی محل تزریق درم سطحی و میانی
  • Revanesse Ultra

    20EuR** 2CC 25 میلی گرم هیالورونیک اسید اصلاح چروکهای عمیق خط خنده، اصلاح اسکارهای عمیق صورت ناشی از آکنه جراحی و ... ، برجسته نمودن نسج لب بدون ماده افزودنی محل تزریق درم میانی و عمقی
  • Revanesse Kiss

    20EuR** 2CC 25 میلی گرم هیالورونیک اسید برجسته سازی و حجم دادن به نسج لب، برجسته سازی حاشیه لب، اصلاح عمق محل اتصال لبها بدون ماده افزودنی محل تزریق درم سطحی حاشیه لب، درم عمقی نسج لب
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